Courses in this category are for Albion staff only.

For AED to play around in

Education and training and information platform for nurses at Albion. This project commenced 14 April 2020 by Anna-Lucia Kenrick in consultation with Maggie Smith CNC.

The audience for this platform is Albion staff only. The aim of this platform is to communicate, collate and disseminate information on the illness COVID-19 over the coming months to the Albion workforce.

The content and activities listed here do not form part of any mandatory training requirements of SESLHD for clinical or non-clinical staff.

All topics can be accessed by any staff member, however some topics have been created as spaces for specific units to share information that is relevant to their specialty.

This platform is maintained by the Albion Education and Development Team. Please contact the team below as required:

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A brief course designed to orient new staff and students to the Albion Centre.

This Good clinical practice in research (GCPR) training is designed to ensure that all staff who are involved in research at The Albion Centre are trained in Good Clinical Practice and are familiar with the essential principles.